Office / Data Center IT Moves & Warehousing Facility

We are specialized professionals provide relocation services for IT equipment, such as servers, computers, networking equipment, and other technology assets. IT movers are trained to handle the unique challenges and complexities of moving sensitive and expensive IT equipment, and typically offer a range of services to ensure a smooth and efficient move.

Our services include :

  1. Pre-move planning and consultation: Assessing the organization’s IT infrastructure and requirements, and developing a plan for moving equipment to the new location.
  2. Equipment preparation and packing: Safely preparing and packing IT equipment for transportation, including securing equipment, labeling, and packing items for maximum protection in our dedicated flight cases.
  3. Transportation: Safely transporting IT equipment to the new location using specialized vehicles and equipment designed for moving sensitive technology assets.
  4. Unpacking and installation: Unpacking and installing equipment at the new location, including setting up networks, initial configuration servers, and ensuring that equipment is properly connected and functional.
  5. Testing and validation: Testing and validating IT equipment to ensure that it is functioning properly after the move, and troubleshooting any issues that arise.
  6. Data Center & Office IT moving specialized.
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Our warehousing facility is a specialized type of warehousing facility that is designed for the storage, management, and distribution of information technology (IT) equipment and components. IT warehousing facilities are used by businesses of all types and sizes to store and manage IT hardware, including servers, networking equipment, storage devices, and other technology assets.

Our facility offers a range of services and amenities that are specifically designed for the unique needs of IT equipment, including:

  1. Climate control: Temperature and humidity-controlled environments to protect sensitive IT equipment from heat, moisture, and other environmental factors.
  2. Security: Robust security measures to protect IT equipment from theft or damage, including access control, video surveillance, and alarm systems.
  3. Inventory management.
  4. Asset management: Services to manage the lifecycle of IT equipment, including asset tagging, testing, and certification, and recycling or disposal at end-of-life.
  5. Customized storage solutions: Customized storage solutions for different types of IT equipment, including racks, shelves, and flight cases.

Our smart hands IT support service provides on-site assistance to businesses and organizations if offices and Data Centers.

Services include :

  1. Equipment installation: Installing new IT equipment and hardware at the client’s location, including servers, networking equipment, and other devices.
  2. Equipment maintenance: Performing routine maintenance and updates on IT equipment to ensure optimal performance and minimize downtime.
  3. Equipment troubleshooting: Identifying and troubleshooting issues with IT equipment and providing solutions to resolve problems.
  4. Cabling and wiring: Running cables and wiring for new equipment installations, server racks, and networking infrastructure.
  5. Physical security: Providing physical security measures to protect IT equipment from theft, damage, and other hazards.
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